Monumental God of War

User Rating: 9 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP
SO here is what i think of the Game :

First to mention is that i played it through to the bitter END and became a GOD, the God of Death, the world destroyer.
The Second is that the Game rocks, it can provide a tense experience and feelings, but like every game for grow ones it doesnt belong in childreens hands. Maybe its even a little too much for some people, too much of good enertainment and too much noise. With this game you wont get very popular to women , christians, religios peolpe, and politicans.
The graphics are really the best seen on the PSP system but thats the way it goes, its Sonys baby and Sony made this game, so its not a big surprise. The Game beats almost everything from the first part for the PSP (Chains of Olympus) and makes somehow almost everything a little better.
Only the last Level, the Realm of the Death is a little poor and empty, this is my opinion but it seems that this is wanted.
Its the realm of the death, what do i expect a party ?
But it can provide also a tense experience and feelings on the End, the Bossfight not to mention. The Opponents became a great challenge on higher difficulty. But do not forget, i am talking about an action game with some little RPG elements.
And sometimes its just button mashing, with some quicktime events to make you act like an ape, just hack and slay, but with great monumental scenes and music like i said, but like i said before the games just blasts you away with the music and graphics and tense feelings it can provide.

Last words :
I think its not only worth a look, play it (if you are 18 or over)
and your other games just bores you, this game will take you on a rough ride, believe me, but do not forget its hack and slay action and button mashing but a masterpiece for the PSP
I do not think that this Game will be beaten soon and the experience it gives by any other company on the PSP