Its better than Chains of Olympus in every way.

User Rating: 9 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP
To the contrary, it shines on PSP, even with what -- for so many others -- has been a limiting set of controls with which to work. Controlling Kratos feels great: It's easy to perform attacks, evasions and unleash the power of brand-new weapons without crazy modifier buttons or the like. That, and the camera is -- no joke -- perfect, despite not being player-controlled. It's actually put to great use in creating some breathtaking moments, such as panning out for an extreme birds-eye view of Kratos against stunning backdrops.

Ghost of Sparta also succeeds at bringing some fresh gameplay concepts to the franchise. Kratos can now swing from one horizontal rope to another in a new acrobatic feat. There's the ability to grab and slam enemies to the ground for a good pummeling, the Blades of Athena can be set ablaze to break through armor and, of course, there are new weapons, including one that drains orbs from enemies. Kratos also gains a Spartan shield / spear combo that lets him move while blocking and destroy parts of the environments.