This game is purely made for the RUTHLESS FUN!!! A worth playing game!

User Rating: 1 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP
This game is some thing that would make anyone say AWESOME!!!!!!!!
It surely is one of the golden games for the psp!! It has got that thrilling graphics, unimaginable action moves and combos, variety of areas and levels, and terribly scary enemies which a golden game need!! This game might have a 2.5D view but the camera angles are set in a intelligent manner, helping the user to get a full view of the surrounding! The story here is also really great. Each and every moment in the game has got a new thrill. There are various things the player can interact with. Weapons are also amazing! As the game goes on it also teaches the player about the various facts of Greece and their gods and in this way helping in building a general knowledge about Greece in the player!

The only thing bad about this game is the terrible way in which people die! It is something that might make someone shiver with fear!

Except this the game is just awesome and should be played!!! It has got everything that a player would want!