God of War looks really good on the PSP, but how good is eye candy for the soul??

User Rating: 7 | God of War: Chains of Olympus PSP
This is a review for both Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta. These games are not that much different. Purchased both games together, played both at the same time. As an adult male, the first thing I have to say is these games are for teenagers. The game really looks good, the presentation is solid. You play as the Greek character Kratos, who has some sort of the issues with the local Greek gods of the world who have some how used and abused Kratos for their own personal reasons. During both games poor Kratos is trying to get revenge or solve personal mysteries. If these were open world games like say Infamous, Zelda or Grand Theft Auto it would have been a so much better experience for me. This game gets a lot of hype and everyone seems to go crazy for these God of War games, but after playing Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta, I am left asking.."Is that it"? The game play consist of following paths, fighting henchmen & monsters, solving puzzles to continue paths & platforming. You really don't get to know the people you have to deal with in the game. There is no character development. You battle many different people, but at the end of the games I was just left with an empty feeling like I had just wasted my time and the only goal was just to complete the game and not enjoy it. The game is not broken and the controls all work very well. As Kratos progresses though the adventure he picks up new weapons and learns new magic attacks to use on enemies. These attacks like the rest of the game LOOK really cool, but again after you beat an enemy you just move on further down your path. God of War is all visuals & no real adventure. Their was no fear or anxiety for going to the next areas like there should be in adventure games that look like this. I seemed to have more immersion from some of the RPGs than I did from these God of War games. It is not a bad game, so if you like hack & slash - beat em up - brawlers, you may like these, but if you want something deeper and little more mature you may want to pass on these two games.