The story was really weak in my opinion.

User Rating: 7.5 | God of War: Ascension PS3
This game looks beautiful and has lots of action, but in my opinion the story was really weak. This game seems pointless to the series almost like a fast cash in.

Great visuals like always.
Pretty good voice acting.
Lots of intense action.
Lots of new weapons that can be real fun to use.
Really nice cgi cut scenes.

The story was really weak.
Difficulty was unbalanced, it goes from easy to suddenly really hard.
The online mode was really lame in my opinion.
It just feels like another button smashing game.
Really boring puzzles.

Its not bad game but in the God of War series its one of the worst games. If you never played a God of War game do not start with Ascension, I would recommend for you to play God of War 1 and 2 the HD remakes. This game is more for hardcore God of War gamers.