Kratos is back throwing further light on past events that shaped the downfall of Gods,gr8 story n combat r d hallmark

User Rating: 9 | God of War: Ascension PS3
I don't know why Gamespot reviewer writes "NO Angry Kratos" in the disappointments of GOW:Ascension,,I can't understand why he wrote disappointment column in the game review either,because Ascension not only carries the good work of previous games in the series,but also presents a completely different set of enemies and combat as compared to previous volumes.....
While the story is again superb just like the other games,the new modes,different controls,new powers,,all add fun to this beautiful game.Graphics are again superb and puzzles are really stressful if u lack the knowledge of previous games gameplay!!!!!!!
Coming to the enemies,Sony and Santa Monica have completely changed the appearance of characters from previous series-example:Medusa is taller,stouter,and more horrifying,the bats have been replaced by vultures,that can b a pain in the a**,,Titans are more difficult to beat,as are the shouting girls(don't know what they r called),and so are other characters,that's the reason that Kratos face enemies in less number(as they are more powerful),,,,the main bosses-Furies are equally enjoyable to fight,being 3 in number-Kratos faces them ten times or more,each episode being different than the other!!!!!!
Combat has been evolved,U no longer have 4 different weapons as in GOW:3,but have only Blades Of Chaos,that can b modified by different elements as the game progresses,each having it's different magic(that has to be unlocked using orbs,Zeus Fury being the best) and rage!!!! Addition of other artifacts like the Eyes of Oracle,Twin Personality,Oracle's Amulet,,further make the combat interesting!!!!!!
Puzzles are quite interesting,however not difficult as in GOW:2,,,and if u have played the previous games,they will be quite easy to decipher!!!!
Regarding Multi player Mode-have no idea,didn't play,,but heard that it's not worth playing!!!!!!
Synopsis-U begin the game as the mighty warrior Kratos(again) who finds himself as a captive of Furies(they punish mortals for breaking oath to Gods,in your case Ares),who want to break you and make u again a servant of Ares,,u resist,and as the plot reveals itself,u find out that all is not well with furies!!!!U must overcome illusions among other enemies created by them and break your bond with Ares to help the Spartan gain some relief!!!!!!!!