could be much better

User Rating: 8 | God of War: Ascension PS3

when God of War: Ascension I was very happy, because I was a big fan of the saga, but when it was said that it would be a prequel it discouraged me too, I'm not a prequel fan, but because of God of War I bought it at launch anyway , the game is the worst of the saga, but does not mean that it is a bad game, on the contrary it is a very good game with good moments, the first idea of ​​the game is to humanize Kratos, but this does not work as well, passes before the other God of War and so knowing what Kratos would do in the future, how to kill innocent people and making idiot decisions, but he introduced interesting characters and interesting villains too, the game is technically great, with beautiful graphics, good gameplay, but with few new mechanics and history it has its ups and downs, something I liked in the game is the beginning, it's very good, and the difficulty is ok, except for one part that is very difficult, God of War Ascension is worst of the saga, but it's far to be bad. Note 80