Not the newest ideas in GOW but still enjoyable to play.

User Rating: 8 | God of War: Ascension PS3

God of War has probably been one of the most up and down series for me, I know I was really hard on the first two and a lot more lenient on the third one, look I'll be honest I still don't think the first two God of Wars our that great but I do wish i could of made a better review of them, It was one of my earlier reviews and I feel like I could of done a better job but what can you do right? All I really want to say is that I like the God of War series but I wasn't in love with the first two, but this one is definitely one I thought was really great but was a bit lazy in some parts.

Story: Their is a lot to say when it comes to story and I'll be honest I've never been a huge fan of God of War's narrative's, this one is alright but is based very closely to God of Wars main plot I didn't really think the story was too memorable or astounding to go into and since it has a lot of detail to it I will let you see for yourself what you think of it, for me it was just ok.

Presentation:God of War Ascension is the best looking in the series yet every new animation that is added when you massacre a monster looks great and is a joy to execute. Their our a lot of temples in this game and the way you progress into them our great because everything is just fantastic too look at. The soundtrack as usual in any God of War game is great and this is no exception either. The presentation is great.

Gameplay: GOWA is your usual beat em up God of War game it's as fun as it always is, and as you go on you are able to upgrade your blades of chaos to fire, Ice, lightning, and uh... the underworld lol, very similar to GOW3. This mechanic isn't that great the reason i say this is because lets be realistic most of us who play this game is going to stick with one or two weapon that and some of them aren't even that great. They also mixed up your magic power with the weapons, in order to use them you must level up that power to your weapon all the way to its fifth level this is also kind of disappointing I don't understand why they did this because you usually always get the power once you get the weapon which makes it feel beneficial, but making you wait longer to upgrade it just doesn't feel right in my book. The actual beat em up combat just gets better and better with every installment we have come a long way from the first one, the boss battle are amazing as they always are and when it comes to combat GOW does everything right their aren't many moments where you feel cheated anymore. The puzzles in the game have been scaled down compared to previous installments, but they have more of an effect to them which I really liked, after going through most of the puzzles in an area something big would happen and it makes you feel great right after, good enough for me even if the puzzles our a little too easy. In regards to gameplay their really isn't that much to say, I will admit it is starting to feel identical to previous installment but its still entertaining to play.

Overall GOWA has some similarities to other games in the series and it might not feel like something that has anything really innovative to the series but I still do enjoy playing this game and I would recommend this to any beatem up fan.