Ah, Adventure!

User Rating: 8 | God of War: Ascension PS3

Playing this God of War: Ascension, I felt relieved! As the previous one, it was all about boring "vengeance", and war cries and "why father this" "kneel to me now" and of course slash slash slash. This time Kratos goes on a trip to hell and takes a ride to well....redemption and forgiveness. Now, let's get Straight to the point, here we go

STORY: Kratos was trying to quit his day job as god of war and had a visit from the boss lackey's. Those ladies were beating the idea down his throat not to quit from being the god of war, but the boss's son came down to Kratos aid. And well, you can fill-in the rest...escape, kick everyone and anyone teeth down their throats, on route to those crazy ladies and excerpt as much pain as possible...in this adventure, redemption will most likely taste like blood for good ol' Kratos. Then again, when doesn't?

GRAPHICS: good nothing glitchy that could have standout...probably the previous game had better graphics...but the ones here are fine and don't botch. The only gripe i do have....it's when on the quick time events Kratos jumps from one area to the next, that jump looks so darn uninspired. Kratos looks like mary friggin poppins! and no spoiler, cause you will notice this like probably 5 or 10 minutes down on the first level or chapter. Really bad animation, really robotic and not fluid at all. Other than that, everything is fine.

GAMEPLAY: everyone is complaining about this part. REMEMBER, on this game, Kratos is a newbie to his powers...so, therefore you are not that deadly; Yet you are still a fuel injected death machine. You must string combos together without getting hit to get like the Insane Kratos Killing spree mode...what else....oh, yes you can upgrade your weapons and special magic attacks and powers with the red orbs (like always) and so on. Don't forget the puzzles...Quick time events and all...what you expect from God of War, is here. The only difference, the guy is fresh for the role and needs time to get a hang of the position. Keep that in mind always, and you will understand why the designers decide to change things a little for the combat aspect of the game.

MULTIPLAYER: i rarely play multiplayer on any game, and i only do reviews for single player section of games, but this one is actually quite entertaining. I suggest you try it. Since am not fan of multiplayer, i will not say much about it but this, it works it will not crash or lag and again, it's fun.

SOUND: good soundtrack...drama soundtrack like always with Kratos. Bones crushing, blood gushing and metal hitting...it's all there.

REPLAY VALUE: A LOT! Simply because this game reminded me of the second God of War (for me the best one of all). That game and Ascension both feel like an Adventure rather than just the regular - "vengeance" "am gonna kill all" - that was mostly in the Third God of War. Yes, that game had the epic boss fights (fighting HERCULES, is still one of the best boss fights on any game i can remember...it almost felt like a wrestling match with the shoot interview at the beginning), but then again, Ascension has that vibe....as if you were trekking for that eventual final showdown with the sisters of death. And that Trek made it worthwhile for me. What an adventure, really nice. Oh, and for you Multiplayer aficionados, that was really well done for this game. Try it. It won't disappoint, even thought this games main beef is the single player, the multiplayer adds another layer to the whole package, and of course for your money.

In sum, this game is a lot of fun. It did not tire me as God of War 3, and it has an interesting Multiplayer mode, that adds on more enjoyment and it doesn't lag! It's an Adventure like in God of War 2, but with a different approach to the gameplay, in part because of what the story consist of. Right now, this game is REALLY cheap, go BUY IT. I bought at $40 brand new, back then, and it did felt right on. Now, it's for $20 brand new and that is a more than stellar deal for what this game has to offer.

Now will this be the last we'll hear from Kratos...that's another tale, for another game.