So,does this game live up to its predecessors?

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in terms of review score,it certainly doesnt,but what are your honest opinions?  aside from the multiplayer,does the single player feel as good as the previous ones?

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The game is good. However, it is easily amongst the worst the series has to offer. Yes, the combat is immensely satisfying and offers the most variety compared to previous entries. However, the story is very forgetful and lacklustre. I honestly had no idea what Kratos was trying to achieve until about 2-3rds - 3-4s of the way through. And even then, I still didn't find it very interesting.

Whatsmore, the difficulty spike is insane!!! Yes, I played the game on hard, which obviously wasn't exactly going to be a walkover, however there have been some people who have said that they have struggled on normal in some places as well. Plus you only have to look at what people are saying about the now infamous Trial Of Archimedes to know what I'm talking about here. 

The worst thing about it is that there is a certain lack of polish about the game, in terms of its difficulty, and its overall presentation. The reason I say its presentation is because of the fact that there are quite a lot of glitches in the game, and people are also saying that there are several sound problems as well.

Despite all these issues, I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. It still definitely appeals to several long time fans of the franchise, and I'm sure you will as well. The combat is still great, and the multiplayer is decent as well, with good customization options, and also if you stick with it. Whatsmore, the visuals and animations are simply outstanding, with a sense of scale like nothing that is out at the moment. But because it's a prequel, it's obviously not quite (and I really mean 'not quite', as there are still some fantastically epic moments in the game) as epic as some of the other entries, and of course the story is not great either.

Overall though, it's a great game. Just not a particularly good God Of War game.

Hope this helps!!

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yes,it does...seems like a rent for the time being,maybe ill buy it 1 year from now when the price is down

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aside from the multiplayer? No, it doesnt live up to its predecessors. SP was too short and Hard mode felt like Normal compared to the other games, except the Trial of Archimedes part. The SP was lacking imagination. It felt like they put all of their imagination and effort into MP, because they got the MP right, i wouldnt say its great, but its just right for this kinda game. So many little things in the SP was looked over, so the SP feels rushed.
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In my opinion, it does as any prequel to a great ride does. You have everything others have but in a smaller scale, because you know, Kratos is still far from becoming the God of War here.

Of course you won't be as surprised as you were in its previous 3 predecessors, but it's a worthy prequel. I had as much fun as I had in others. It's not as epic as the others, OBVIOUSLY, because you're not hunting gods or even climbing mount olympus to end their rule.

I consider this game the deep breath before plunging into the rollercoaster of epic awesomeness that is GOW from 1 to 3. Heck, gameplay wise, it is more complete than GOW3 to be honest, more variety and more satisfying combat.

People today just want everything "Fast and Furious" and as an adrenalin action junkies "the avengers" style, or else, they call it horse manour.

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no. lol
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For me it's a NO. I just don't feel the same excitement anymore, as what I've experienced previouly with GOW 1,2, and 3. Everything seems to be rushed, and the game has a lot of bugs (I kept running into bugs, so obviously the testers have been sleeping). I am currently at the Trial of Archimedes, hate it very much...but I am going to keep trying..


All in all, could be the worst GOW game I've ever played..I think it's time they put this series down and move on to a new IP..


Then again, it could be due to the fact that I've completed The Last of Us before starting this game...THAT was amazing!!