Next GOW prequel what about the Battle of Troy?

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I was thinking if they make an other prequel what about Kratos fighting in the Trojan war going up agaisnt the heroes of Troy like Hector and in mythology the Gods took diferent side in the war like Ares and Aphrodity were suporting Troy in the war and Athena was suporting the Greeks so I could see Kratos leading an army of Spantan agaisnt Troy with the help of ancient Heroes like Achiles for a co-op option. What do you think ?

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You said prequel. No prequels for me. We've had enough.
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ok but what about a single player DLC for ascension were it explaine how Kratos become the champion of Olympus and the start of his relation with Athena

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no DLC! no prequel no fillers , no extra milking.... just GOW4 for PS4 when it's ready...