I don't get it... isn't Kratos dead?

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This is another prequel.
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Hey is this a new part of gow, i mean it came after gow3??


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i believe this was set after GoW 1 and before GoW 2

the weapon he is using is Athena's blade

CoO & GoW 1 = blades of chaos

GoS & GoW 2 = Athena's blade

GoW 3 = blades of exile

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I won't spoil anything, but there's a scene after the credits in GOW3.

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This is set right after he killed his wife/daughter, became the Ghost of Sparta and went from serving Ares to serving Athena. The chronological order for the games is (including this one but not counting a couple downloadable mini-games for PC/phone): GoW:A, GoW: CoO, GoW1, GoW: GoS, GoW2 and GoW3.
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No. God of War Ascenion takes place after Kratos killed his family and is about his quest to renounce his allegiance to Ares.

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No. This game takes place after Kratos killed his family. Also the end of God of War 3 implies he survived his suicide attempt. Plus David Jaffe says in God of War 4 he's going to fight either the Egyptian or Norse gods.