Can't wait for it

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Sure God Of War Ascension will be a Prequel but let's at least give it a chance cause think of it this way...God Of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost Of Sparta were prequels in a sense and they were good...and so far what what little game play we have seen for ot Ascension looks pretty damn good so far; plus I've figured out at least 2 weapons you'll have both in Multiplayer and single player



Let's face facts here people; we all want a new God Of War game and they set the bar VERY high with God Of War 3; so let's at least give this new title a chance...they haven't let us down before so let's have a little faith here

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GoW3 could've been better. Especially the storywriting. They also disappointed me when they claimed they had another titan fight + epilogue that they were planning for DLC and didn't deliver.