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i didn't approve with many of kratos' action in GOD of such is the soilder killed on the convey belt.                                                             


another one that really upsets me is the death of poseidon princess                                                       Hecuba-maneros-god-of-war-iii.jpg

such a beauty she didn't deserve to die like that especially a grusome way.after killing her i didn't know who to blame myself,kratos or stig asmussen then we have helios head                                                                                                                                GOW3+Helios'+Head.jpg okay you the hate gods fine but really using a human looking head as a weapon is somewhat disturbing,there head weapons in god 1& 2 but there monster but this is too grusome. in the end kratos is just a angry brutal criminal and somehow i find it difficuit to feel any compassion for this i think a more emotional and human kratos is a change for the better.