god of war is like a fresh breath of air for a genre thats filled with guys with guns and spys

User Rating: 9.6 | God of War (Greatest Hits) PS2
god of war was probably the biggest reason i brought a playstation 2.to every website i went to,evey forum i went to,all said this game was good.but what i never imagined is how good it turned out to be.

first off the story.this game's story is the first story to make sense to me in a while.kratos a spartan warrior who begged for the god of war to help him defeat his enemies,he did.but what he did'nt expect was that because of this,his famliy was going to die at his hands.i gave it a 10 because i love greek mythology

the gameplay in this game is beyond words.you can grab a monster and split him in half ,launch an enemy up in the air,or stab him with his own knife.the numbers of enemies you fight is amazing,so is the size of some of the mosters.then you can use zeus thunder bolts to kill stupid archers,use medusas gaze to freeze enemies into stone,and summon the army of hades to help you out.i gave it a 10

the music is some of the best i've ever heard,makes the game feel more epic and exicting.10 also

and the value is immese,at least for me it is.this is a game that never will leave my collection and will always be in my top ten best games of all time
i gave it a ten too

now,the graphics,sometimes they look great,and the amount of boobs in this game is unheard of in a video game,and sometimes the chracters,mainly the oracle of athens,looks kinda funny up close,besides that,great graphics,i gave it a 9

and my tilt is is a 9 because im a sucker for anything that has to do with greek mythology.

so in conclusion,get this game,it's 20 bucks now so theres no reason not to get it,unless you already do have it.