This is a great game it screems to be played for Mature gamers.

User Rating: 9.4 | God of War (Greatest Hits) PS2
Not that the sex or killing make this game Mature as a lot of games have more or less but its just stupid in that it is thrown in or used to sell the game. NOT HERE this game is like a action horror movie you expect it to be there with meaning. And here it is with great meaning.

The graphics here work well and it all comes together here. The gameplay is fun light if you don' t want to learn ALL the moves while deep at the same time. I found myself pulling of many combos more than in tekken or Virtual Fighter. The reason for me was that it was just more artistic. I mean I could hear the orchestra playing in my mind as bodies and blood flew every which way. Some times I would play classical music on my sterio or blast the background music.

The story is also great it really gets you in the game and does not take you out like some overdone pecies in other games.