god of war is the best game of 2005

User Rating: 9.5 | God of War (Greatest Hits) PS2
God of war is by far the best ps2 game from 2005.
The graphics is amazing, and gives the player the feeling it has been taken out of a movie. You begin in a ship where you fight with the hydra, this is the coolest of god of war you begin with a end boss. after you have defeated the hydra you do to Athena's where you see a view of ares destroying the city. you have to fight you a way though the city and find the orcale. After you have went in the sewers of Athena, you go to the desert of lost souls to find the 3 sirens and kill him then the gate will open and you will blow a horn that will clear the way and gets you to another horn where, if you blow it you will see Cronos the titan appear and on his back the temple of Pandora. you will cross the temple in such of the box of Pandora and with the power of Pandora you will destroy ares!!