Getting the Blades of Athena Early

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Well the name is self-explanatory and I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but anyone know of any ways of getting those nice gold blades early in the game? I must be OCD or something because that weird red color of the max level blades of chaos bugs the hell out of me (it just doesn't look right with your power attacks which all retain that fiery reddish-orange color, which the level 4 Blades of chaos match perfectly), and while I'd prefer keeping the same color of the level 4 BoC, and stlll get the level 5 abilities, but that sounds even less possible than what I am asking for right now. So anything anyone? I know I've seen on gamefaq's and stuff how supposedly codebreaker allows you to unlock the BoA's at the beginning, but I don't have codebreaker, (I do have gameshark though) and even if i bought codebreaker i have not been able to find what I am sure is the code for that, I have seen "Max level" codes and "unlock all abilities/moves" or something like that, but i have codes with the same names which i have tried and only level the BoC, not turn them into BoA