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Wow, People only LOVE or HATE this game!!!  

There are only 2 things that stink about this game.  A Tutorial/Story mode would've been nice, but that is entirely forgivable.  More importantly, on single player, WHY CAN"T I PAUSE THIS GAME!!!!!!!  I'm a homeowner/father...  and I need to pause the game from time to time.

Other than that, once you have the patience to pass the learning curve, this game rules.  Graphics are great, gameplay is smooth, the tests/gimmics of faith are fun, the whole game is truly randomized...  Just wow!!!

To everyone that is complaining...  Name 1 other game where you get this much for $10.  'nuff said.

GOD MODE!!!!!   (if you love it, try Earth Defense Force, Insect Armageddon)