God Eater 3 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Obtain your first piece of rank 7 equipment. A Real Treasure
    Survive both the AGE aptitude test and for several years after. Adaptive God Eater
    Beat a mission with an ally who has learned all their Personal Abilities. An Irreplaceable Friend
    Defeat the Ash Aragami Nuadha. Blasphemy Incarnate
    Break 100 bonds. Breaker of Bonds
    Break your first enemy bond. Broken Bond
    Fought through your first Assault Mission. Cooperative Venture
    Gain strength by devouring an Aragami. Divine Fodder
    Earn an SSS rank on 40 missions. Dreams of Glory
    Clear an expedition for the first time. Expedition Leader
    Defeat the Ash Aragami Ra. False Sun
    Upgrade equipment for the first time. God Arc Tuning
    Work with your friends to face down the Ashborn. Humanity's Hope
    Collect all trophies. It All Comes Together
    Discover a top-rank Abandoned God Arc. Jackpot
    Defeat the Ash Aragami Anubis. King of the Underworld
    Defeat the Ash Aragami Balmung. Lord of Bones
    Claim the freedom to live as you will. More than a Dream
    Use one type of melee weapon or gun for 200 missions. Most Trusted Ally
    Craft equipment for the first time. New Gear
    Take on the hardest route in the Fenrir HQ Reclamation Initiative. Path of the Hounds
    Unleash your first Burst Art. Power Rising
    If you're salty about the surprise party, it was the cake. Salty Cake
    Successfully use a Link Burst. Shared Power
    Activate your first acceleration trigger. Technical Expert
    Defeat the Ash Aragami Dromi. The Insatiable
    Engage with every ally. The Ties that Bind Us
    Engage with an ally. Togetherness
    Tear open a hole for the caravan and save your friends. Turning Point
    Complete the mission "Twilight of the Hounds." Ultimate Skill
    Obtain a rank 7 melee weapon, gun, and shield. Unstoppable Armament
    The bonds between you and your family have spread throughout the world. Welcome Home!

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