Go Vacation Cheats For Wii

  1. Stamp Unlockables

    Collect the specified number of stamps to unlock new features

    Collect 4 stamps. City Resort
    Collect 12 stamps. Mountain Resort
    Collect 8 stamps. Snow Resort
    Collect 16 stamps. Visit Resorts At Other Times of the Day
    Collect 20 stamps. Your Villa

    Contributed by: SuperPhillip 

  2. Change Weather In Snow Resort

    This how to change the weather in the snow resort. You can find it on a balloon. Do this while the game is loading before before you enter the snow resort.

    hold C, Z on nunchuk and LEFT on the direction pad cloudy weather
    hold C, Z on nunchuk and Down on the direction pad stormy weather
    hold C, Z on nunchuk and UP on the direction pad sunny weather

    Contributed by: fantasticflxra