Glowfish Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Win the Darter race with a 4-Star Rating.
    Get a 4-Star Rating in 10 different levels.
    Get a 4-Star Rating in any level.
    Eliminate 100 enemies by circling them in chain mode. Barrage of Bubbles
    Unlock all Glow Chums. Best Friends Forever
    Take 500 friends to safety. Crowd Control
    Locate 50 secret areas. Explorer of the Deep
    Defeat dr. urchin. Glow Power
    No loss of glow on a stage. Incandescent
    Circle a large foe into a friend. Lariat Roundup
    Convert the Corrupted Fighter into a Glow Chum. Love Tap
    Get a 4-Star Rating in all 50 levels. Master of the Universe
    A perfect win over Dr. Urchin; no loss of glow. Mr. Invincible
    Take 50 friends to safety. Mr. Popular
    Avoid the Angler Fish in the Briny Depths. Not Easily Baited
    Collect 500 coins. Ooh, Shiny!
    Finish level 4 without harming any foes. Pacifist
    Upgrade your Glow Chums to maximum capacity. Personal Trainer
    Get a 4-Star Rating on any of the puzzle levels. Puzzling
    Upgrade Scout to maximum. Scout Master
    Locate 25 secret areas. Scouting Party
    Eliminate 100 enemies in orbit mode. The 100 Club
    Locate 10 secret areas. Trespasser
    Trap an enemy creature between the moving walls. Walls of Jericho
    Collect 5000 coins. Worth its Weight

    Contributed by: Guard Master