It starts off great... then the action just drops off. Pay cash to level at a decent rate. Pay more to level quickly.

User Rating: 6.5 | Global Agenda PC
I really enjoyed this game once I found the character class that I enjoyed. Recon (sniper) was great because the rocky canyons provided some great sniping opportunities. I especially enjoyed using the jetpacks to get to the perfect spot for takedowns. The class also has a stealth mode for avoiding enemies and gaining some extra speed. The gameplay was a blast... until the time came for me to leave the rocky canyons and see what came next. It turns out that the open environment gameplay stops after level 17. The rest of the gameplay are either repeats of old missions at various difficulty levels or Player-vs-Player. Obviously, this game is mostly PvP, but its attempt to fool the player into thinking that it's a full PvE game prevents me from respecting Global Agenda. I admit that I was especially disappointed that the part of the game I enjoyed did not continue past 17 (the sniping from cliff-tops), but that's not my only reason for disliking this game. I finally came to the conclusion that this game is actually just a grab for money. You can pay about $20 to gain a permanent increase in leveling rate. Then, you can pay more for an additional temporary increase in leveling rate. So, how bad is the leveling? After my starter quests ran dry, I was at level 17 with about 4000 XP out of 8000 XP needed for my next level. Each mission that I did gave me 600 XP as a reward. Paid accounts receive an additional 600 XP and temporary gains are an additional 600 XP. As you can see, there is a big drive to pay the company for more level since 10-30 minutes of doing old, played-out missions offers little reward. I never found out how the leveling is in PvP. I lost interrest, first.