Amazing game, I tried the demo and was hooked. I would recommend it to any third-person shooter fans.

User Rating: 9 | Global Agenda PC
This is the first game I have decided to review on GS, because this game deserves it.

It has a great PvP aspect to it, and you can either fight against randoms or join an Agency and fight other agencies for control of land, called hexes. Agency vs Agency (or AvA) uses different regions for different parts of the world, and each region is open at a different time. This is to prevent another Agency from attacking on of your hexes while no members are onlline to defend it.

It also has PvE, both open-world and raid-style dungeons. The open-world part it limited right now, as Hi-Rez has just started adding the content. The open-world seems to be aimed at lower levels at the moment, but I expect harder content to be released later.

It also includes RPG aspects, like a skill tree. There are three trees to choose from and each has a very different play-style; for example, the medic class can either be balanced, healer, or a poison medic.

I would urge anyone even remotely interested to check out the demo.