At first i thought i wasted my money THEN after 50 hours of game time: I'M HOOKED, this is some powerful multiplayer.

User Rating: 9 | Global Agenda PC
So, i thought i wasted my money but now i cant stop......i realized after playing all the characters to level 20ish that my first character (the recon) is not so fun until level 17 in which he gets the EMP Bomb. So please understand this, as most people probably went that route and didn't like the game (which i did also until my recon hit 17)

I don't/rarely play PVE, so i don't wanna talk about it other then its a good time sink.

But the multiplayer is EXCELLENT (in capitals, big capitals) --- other than that robot battle game mode, (demolition) which is 'meh'.

Dare i say 'better than TF2' or more likely 'I like it more then TF2'

So to end this review: I'm going the subscription route, even tho i do not AvA at the moment, so i can recommend this game even if you wont/cant pay the subscription because the boxed game without the subscription is just that good.