Gley Lancer Cheats For Genesis

  1. Mania Difficulty Setting

    To access the Mania Difficulty Setting, press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, and then A on the Title Screen, when you see the words ''PUSH START BUTTON'' flashing. The GleyLancer logo should turn gold if you enter the code correctly. (To discover this code normally, you must finish the game on Hard.)

    Contributed by: Faididi 

  2. Stage select

    When the screen "STAGE 1 START" appears, press B, B, C, A, up, down. If entered correctly, the screen now functions as a stage select.

    Contributed by: FFCrono 

  3. Pause cheats

    Enter these codes while the game is paused.

    Effect Effect
    up, down, A, B, C, left, right, C, B, A Add one life each time the code is entered
    B, A, C, A, down, A, C, A, right, A, B, up, right, up, B, up, right, up, down, A Cheat menu

    Contributed by: FFCrono 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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