Glare (2013) Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill 20 enemies using the environment. Apex Predator
    Collect every artifact in the game. Archaeologist
    Complete Tree World in under 9:30. Canopy Cruiser
    Complete Pillar World. Cliff Diver
    Complete Desert World in under 14:00. Desert Dasher
    Collect all four artifacts in Desert World. Excavator
    Collect all four artifacts in Tree World. Explorer
    Complete Lava World. Firewalker
    Complete Ice World in under 18:00. Flash Freezer
    Collect all four artifacts in Lava World. Geologist
    Complete Tree World. Green Thumb
    After starting a new game, complete the entire game without dying or switching levels in the menu. I Want to be the Shiner
    Complete Lava World in under 13:30. Lava Leaper
    Collect all four artifacts in Ice World. Prospector
    Kill 20 enemies with reflected bullets Return to Sender
    Complete Toric Caster in under 4:30. Ring Racer
    Complete Desert World. Sand Slider
    Collect all four artifacts in Pillar World. Searcher
    Complete Ice World. Sherpa
    Stop the Ramora invasion. Solar Savior
    Kill 5 enemies within 3 seconds. Supernova
    Tool Asisted
    Complete Pillar World in under 12:30. Wind Walker

    Contributed by: Guard Master