A very good port of a very good rhythm game with extras that make for a very good game

User Rating: 9.3 | Gitaroo-Man Live! PSP
Gitaroo Man Lives! if you haven't guesses is a port of the cult classic, Gitaroo Man, for the PS2. Although this isn't you average port. This game is actually improved due to the PSP's analog nub, which provides more accurate gameplay. Although he port itself is improved, what still remains the best in this game is the music. Clearly having a soundtrack better than even the Katamari series, if u miss out on the music, you are missing a great deal. The graphics are definitely not eye-candy, but still remain over the crap we see on handhelds sometimes. There is also the matter of the multiplayer. With an all new duet mode with 2 new songs right out of the recording studio. And there is also Versus mode which allows two people to battle one another on a plane-like Gitaroo machine, to every song from the game(except the duet tracks). All together this makes an enriching package sure to please any music fan, or PSP owner, looking for a fun and original game.