What is it with (many) platform games?

User Rating: 6 | Gish PC
That they usually get more and more difficult as you progress until it's almost impossible to progress. Or more precisely - what is it with platform game developers? Why do they have to have god's complex?

I enjoyed this game until it became so hard that I had to ask myself - why am I trying, what's the point? Gaming is supposed to be fun. But as we know this freak developer guy went even further and created Super Meat Boy, or as I call it - Super Masochist's Toy.

But, whatever. This game had the potential to be very fun and receive 9/10 from me but now it makes me wish that its creator is locked up in a basement and forced to play platform games with high difficulty that are actually impossible to finish. I bet he didn't have enough skill for many games when he was a kid so this is how he takes his revenge. Guess what - I won't play any of your future games thank you very much. May you become a gish and be forever locked in sewers.