Gish, best indie-game ever made.

User Rating: 8.5 | Gish PC
In Gish, you play a bar of tall, whose girlfriend (resemblance to Pulp Fiction) get kidnapped, and its your duty to slime you're way thru levels.

The game is incredibly good, I don't have words for it, its just so polished and smooth, I can't say anything bad about it, but I'll try to get a weakspot.

Addictive, as a bar of tall you'll be able to swim, slime you're way thru levels, you'll be able to let needles stick out of you're body, so you can hang onto walls or climb walls, you also have a solid mode, which makes you look constipated, you'll use it mostly to squash enemy's into juice or break thru walls.

The level designs are great for the gameplay, you'll have fun driving a buggie ingame.

Its graphics are great, it has this gritty cartoonish feel over it, the game physics are great and look smooth, Gish will almost look like real tar, if it wasn't for those goofy eyes.

The game-engine works well in puzzles, if you burst thru a wall with you're solid mode, you can shoot bits of rocks thru enemy by sitting on the block, using you're needles, and roll over so you can watch enemy's do funny faces and fall down cliffs.

You're a tar, you're girlfrield is kidnapped, get 'it' back.

No AI, enemy's just walks towards you and you take damage, you'll kill them by dropping onto them in solid mode.

Is it a good platformer:
Yes, play the demo, its innovative and addicting atleast, its hard to describe how good the game is.

Also, for a weakness in the game, multiplayer!

Theres no multiplayer, I'd love having multiplayer where you race a few other people online, to test on how good you are with sliming thru levels.