Gish is without a doubt one of the most original and fun 2D platform games ever made and it is highly recommended.

User Rating: 10 | Gish PC
Gish is a platform game in which you control a ball of tar called Gish. Your mission is to save Gish's girlfriend who have been abducted by the evil guys. You have to solve simple, but fun and challenging, puzzles, kill some enemies and a few cool bosses. The physics engine in this game is fantastic and the level design is amazing and variated enough to make you keep playing. A play through takes about 10 hours but in every level there is a bunch off secrets which makes the replay value kinda great. A level editor is also included and new user made levels can be downloaded from the internet. There is also local multiplayer where you can beat your friends in several game modes like football and sumofight.

This game is very original and one off my all time favorite indie games. It is highly recommended. Btw, you should keep and eye on the sequel that is hopefully coming one day.