Gish Cheats For PC

  1. Secret Warp zones

    Warp to Mario level 1-2 -
    On level 1-3 Bash through the 1st set of spikes to the left of the 1st suspended platform fall down the passage and break the Question mark block to warp.

    Warp to Pitfall -
    On level 2-1 pull the 1st vertical platform to the left, climb the ceiling and drop down using heavy to break through the ground fall down the passage and into a room with a giant pitfall Harry sprite to warp.

    Warp to Pac-man-
    On level 4-4 right before the collapsing pillars climb under the 1st overhang and break through the wall, fall down the passage and into pacmans mouth to warp.

    Warp to the isle of the dead-
    On level 3-4 in the room where the skulls fly out of the ground run and grab onto the 1st skull platform that shoots out, ride it up into the air till you see a platform marked 666, jump to that platform to warp.

    Satans layer-
    Complete isle of the dead.

    Contributed by: King Peashy 

  2. Steam Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Beat game on ludicrous mode Beat game on ludicrous mode
    Defeated satan Defeated Satan
    Defeated Satan Didn't Rescue Brea
    Found all 48 secrets in Gish Found all secrets
    Found God mode Found God mode
    Found Mario level Found Mario level
    Found Pitfall level Found Pitfall level
    Played a 4 player game Has real friends
    Joined satan Joined Satan
    Made it through Hell without dieing Made it through Hell without dieing
    Rescued brea Rescued Brea

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  3. Misc. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game on normal or higher difficulty Level select
    Beat the game on Hard difficulty ludicrous Mode (super hard)
    Beat the game on ludicrous difficulty Mini mode
    Beat the game on normal or higher difficulty New vs levels
    Beat the game on Hard difficulty New vs Mode (collection vs)

    Contributed by: King Peashy 

  4. Misc. Passwords

    Type the following at the credits page:

    Effect Effect
    supersizeme Super Fat gish (you will hear a crunch if done right)

    Contributed by: King Peashy 

  5. Turbo Mode (v. 1.1 and later)

    Enter the code after the game initally loads, when it says 'Presented by...'. On the main menu, it will say 'Turbo Edition v1.1' and in game, a little 'TURBO' icon will be in the corner.

    Effect Effect
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, Space Turbo mode (The game goes 2x faster)

    Contributed by: Kaboobi 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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