Fighting Feels Stiff

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Not enought fluidity. I know it has the same button read as DOA 5 and other games but it just seems stiff and not fluid enough.

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Girl Fight is incredibly low budget and they don't seem to have spent much time or manpower making this game. The big fighting games like DOA5, Soulcalibur, etc have budgets of a couple million dollars, 100+ people working on it, and an average of 3-5 years in production.


Girl Fight isn't too terribly bad considering its development handicap compared to the other fighters. It feels most like DOA1 than anything, but I think most people never played DOA1. So maybe for me who did play DOA1 a lot, it doesn't feel as weird. But yes, I can agree that it is definitely very stiff. I hope they can patch it, but I doubt that will happen. The game would have to sell a lot for them to even consider a patch, and I just don't see this game selling well at all.