The Game to Revive MOBA

User Rating: 8 | Gigantic PC

I was never really a big fan of MOBA games because I couldn't understand what was happening and they confuse me. So, I stuck to shooters and heavily story driven games however, it's similar to the time I transferred from console to my own custom built PC, which was both apprehensive to start with but very rewarding and satisfying in the end because of the whole new experience. MOBA isn't really getting anywhere now and we all know it because of the lack of MOBA games being made and the community of the big ones like League of Legends and Dota aren't the best anymore along with developers overusing the same tiresome strategy aspects but that can be said for most competitive games. Gigantic can revive the MOBA community and industry as a whole because it is so unique!

I knew about the game through watching sponsored YouTube videos but originally it didn't really tickle my fancy because of how I avoided the MOBA genre. It wasn't until I got my loot crate last month and discovered I had a code to use within the game for credits and that's what got me thinking; "You know what, I'll give it a go" and I played every day since and I am not disappointed. It is a really fun and exciting new experience!

Developed by independent game studio "Motiga inc" Gigantic is the new free fast-paced hero shooter MOBA that offers a unique experience through the use of a very colourful graphic style and mostly outstanding mechanics. This is done through the use of brilliant strategic aspects such as summoning creatures in order to aid your team along with your guardian and playing with your teammates in order to take down the enemies and crumble their defenses. So far the game is in it's early access stage where players are able to submit bugs, so you should expect some issues.

The game utilizes being able to buy founder packs in order to bring in funds which ARE NOT necessary to buy in order to win, this game is not pay to win in any way because it only unlocks all of the characters along with a founders title and 2 Limited edition skins. You can buy the characters by just playing the game and unlocking crowns, along with most of the in-game skins.

The developers are in fact working on this and they give weekly update videos on what has changed which keeps the community up to date and it just shows that they answer the communities questions and want you to be a part in the development of the game

The main objective is to defeat the enemy guardian through the use of getting kills, summoning your own and destroying the enemies creatures which makes the guardian vulnerable to your teams attacks. The game is very easy to pick and seems to have a pretty high skill cap however, there is no ranked game mode but there is a hidden MMR rating when you play but it isn't very polished yet because there are a few balance issues with the heroes so carrying a few games with a slightly overpowered hero can skyrocket you to high MMR. But don't let that get in the way because once again, it's in early stages so just enjoy the game and have fun to help the developers.

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Most of the controls are clean and smooth like the movement and combat system however, I've heard that on console the auto aim needs to be toned down because it's almost like you have a free aimbot on hand with long range classes like Voden and with heroes like Lord Knossos where his charge attack seems to miss at close range and slide around the target instead of colliding with their hitbox and it seems pretty inconsistent in general, but it will be fixed soon by the developers I assume because it has been reported. There is nothing major and game breaking with the controls and the game responds very well to most inputs so there is nothing to worry about. One thing I would suggest is changing your roll/dodge ability to a easier key that you press once on PC because you have to double tap on default which isn't too consistent.

Each character has it's own set of unique abilities that can be upgraded using whichever path you like (from the levels you earn from summoning killing and damaging the enemy guardian), whether you want to be a team player or if you want to be an assassin to go in, get a kill and escape with quick movement or pick off a solo enemy.

When playing Gigantic, you will become immersed through the brilliantly made sound tracks and sound effects. The music never gets annoying and you barely notice it in the midst of battles and team fights. The sound effects within the game all make sense and fit with the actions for example the swinging of weapons has a very distinct sound along with spells being cast. The art style and audio alone is enough to make this game unique!

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The game has a very unique and slick cel-shaded art style like the classics such as; The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and that of the Borderlands series. This art style is one of my favorites because of its sheer simplicity and cartoon effects. This art style makes Gigantic pleasing to the eye and you don't have to worry about being distracted by flashy colours. The artists paid very good attention to detail such as cracks in the ground and hero skins looking extremely believable. Also, the character design is unique and really sets itself apart from current big titles like Smite, League of Legends and Dota which can help their smaller company to stand out and show!

So in the end this game is DEFINITELY worth the try because it is a free fairly small game and you can see what the game can become later on. There are a few kinks that need fixing such as collision with some attacks not registering/other minor control issues and server disconnects, but that is the early access experience because it isn't finely tuned and polished yet. What really sells it for me is the unique and clean cel-shaded art style combined with its unique take on the MOBA strategy genre. If you are a League of Legends or Dota fan, definitely pick this up!