They should have let us save!!

User Rating: 9 | Giants: Citizen Kabuto PC
I played this game awhile ago and for some reason decided that I wanted to try it again and actually play it all the way through. I have a creaky old, coal fired, steam powered PC that won't play anything newer than 5 years old so G:CK was a good choice to replay. It barely ran on the PC I had before this one when I first got the game, but I seem to have enough hardware umph to get it going now. I can play it with the graphics and audio maxed out and it plays very smooth.

I really like the game. The graphics may be a bit dated but I can live without photorealistic graphics as long as the game runs smoothly, has a good story, solvable puzzles, a good story, fun to play characters, a good story, good sound and voice acting, lots of action, and did I mention that I like a good story line? This game makes it on all counts for me.

The story isn't Lord of the Rings by any stretch of imagination but it moves along and gets you involved with the characters. The spot on voice acting in this game make you like the characters even more.

I am terrible at mouse & keyboard shooters (by the time I slow the mouse down enough to be able to target things it gets too slow to do anything else and I always end up getting smoked by the AI) but this one isn't too bad. The weapons are pretty powerful so you don't have to have a between the eyes head shot to score a kill and they aren't so sloppy that you don't even have to think about them.

The various characters you get to play as provides a great way to see the story from a couple of different perspectives so you can really get into the story even more. Its a little bit linear but it builds well as you move forward through the different levels.

I would have given this a higher score but for some reason the developers decided to leave out the option to save your place during a level. So once you slog through a hundred enemies, and get near the end of a long difficult level and miss the last jump to get to the end of the level and die, guess what, you have to go back and slog through the same hundred enemies again!! This is why I decided to buy the PS2 version so I could give it a try as well. The PS2 port is not as pretty, it is old tech after all, but you can save your place no matter where you are in the game. So you can kill and save, kill and save, kill and save, kill and die, and not have to go all the way back to the beginning.

I am the kind of gamer that likes to explore a level completely and find every little hidden detail so it is really annoying to get nearly all the way through a level step on the hidden trap, die and have to start over again.

So if you get frustrated at that, I suggest you find the PS2 version, they are still out there and very cheap. If you can deal with playing a level several times and are good at mouse & keyboard shooters give this one a try.