You can save your place!! No need to constantly start a level over and have to play it all the way when you die.

User Rating: 9 | Giants: Citizen Kabuto PS2
I had the PC version of this game (Also very under-rated) and I enjoyed it very much. But I am terrible with keyboard and mouse shooters. I just have a hard time coordinating both hands and remembering the 25 different keys needed to play the game. So when I found out it had been ported to PS2 (Yeah I still play on my PS2, what about it?!!!) I tracked down a used copy and grabbed it up. Fortunately it wasn't too scratched to run and it loaded up just fine.

The problem with a used game is that often times you don't get the manual so you have to guess at some of the controls. I did some googeling and finally found the control setup for the gamepad and started out.

OK The graphics are better on the PC version but you can save your place no matter where you are in the game on the PS2 version. So that is a trade off I can live with. The game is virtually identical to the PC version so it is a lot of fun to play. The humor is still the same as well. Its the same game but you can play it on a bigger screen and use a wireless gamepad.

I like the story line and I like the characters, you can really get behind them because of how well the voice acting is done.

I am glad that I decided to dig my PC copy out again and really glad that I found a PS2 copy for the freedom of being able to save your place. This made a huge difference in the first level where you have to learn to use your jetpack to save the Smarties from falling to their death. Oddly enough this was the hardest level in the game for me.

I strongly recommend this to anyone who likes RPG and FPS mashups that include a real story and good characters.