A one of a kind!

User Rating: 9.2 | Dai Makai-Mura GEN
This game was the reason I even bought the system in the first place. I played this game and was hooked. It was the first time I ever bought a system for the game. This game was a challenge. The grafix were some of the greatest for the system. There is so much to love about this game and it is a shame that they do not make more of this for the new systems. There was a try with Maximo, but it just didn't cut it. I loved the way some of the boards just moved around and tweaked out. The weapons were cool and the characters were awesome, I mean awesome. The fun factor is very high considering how nice the boards looked and the fact that there were all types of surprises to come across on each level. This is one of my all time favorites, and I know I can get it on the little plug in t.v. games. I am always keeping in touch with the forgotten treasures that the freaks like. This is it, the BOMB game.