gamespot do you realy give 6.5????? its a good game but worth the 800points? its time to kill monsters!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Dai Makai-Mura GEN
yes,worth the 800 points
arthur can be controlled by the gamecube controler,classic controler or wii remote.
the best controller is the gamecube controller is very easy!

in this game you can use diferents arms, the best arm is the knife.

now you can use tow diferent armors:the plate and the gold.

the gold armor giving your wepon power can be activated by pressing the attack button

if you are new in this game you probably lose to much times,if you are to going to play this game,play in practice mode i lose to much times

some monsters carry jars, the jars contains weapons or statues of 200 or 500 points.
the bosses give you 5000 points,loki donth give you ponts.:c

if you are a ghouls n ghosts fan download this game

someone hate this game others loves this game,i love to much this game

in this game you can fier the arm up,down,left or rigth in the 2nd game you cant fire up and down.