A flashy, fun game, dynamic on the graphics!! Perfect if u're bored of the norm & r looking for something different.

User Rating: 9 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
Frankly speaking, I've been bored of playing all the Halo's, the Prince of Persia's and the likes on the PC, and leaving all that for when I get myself the XBox. Anyway, I came across this li'l freak last night, and decided to give it a test drive. I didn't play much of it, just started off, so I don't know how the story unfolds further into the game, but for what I played, an awesome blend of graphics and sound effects, coupled with the movie's crazy story, along with a totally freaky gameplay!! Everything that you've seen in the movie, from the proton beams, to the ghost trap, and even Slimer, are so perfectly created, it seems as if u're in an interactive version of the movie itself!! Perhaps this game might have gotten it's low rating for it's difficulty level, or maybe because it becomes repetitive down the line, I don't know. And a week of playing might not leave me so enthusiastic about it either. But if u're looking for a bit of freaky gameplay, u gotta play this one. Oh, and yes, given the way you control your character in this, playing it on the PS3, XBox or Wii would be a blast!! Check it out, all you console ppl!!