Gets you involved in the game, though it includes minor annoyances.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
The game at first looked great, get to be a ghostbuster and live in the world of ghost infested Manhattan. Proton streams aren't the only weapon as Egon, has been working overtime on creating new and interesting contraptions to help catching and killing larger than ordinary spirits and ghosts. If only something were created to at least minimize knockbacks/downs because after a while especially on high level difficulty they will become a huge annoyance. The voice acting is good, but unless it's the main story most of the phrases are recycled throughout the game, but you can't help but laugh at Venkman every time he's knocked down and you hear him say "Little help, Yo little help!" Luckily they didn't leave out Winston either, because it couldn't be complete with all 4 of them… 5 including you. The purchasing upgrades screen is a great thing to include in any game since it allows players to become stronger overtime, and the scanning and collecting of ghost, artifact information is a great plus. The overall story of Ghostbusters: The Game was a releasing of all ghosts throughout the city, and the ultimate boss being the Architect, and the other ghosts as the ones from all of the previous movies minus a few. However it was such a story that would seem perfect to be known as a "Ghostbusters" theme. The downsides to this game that kind of held it back were that being knocked down is a constant thing that kind of gets in the way of capturing ghosts especially if there are a lot of ghosts in one area that love throwing things to break your proton stream. The length of game play is kind of short unless you include the failing of missions by various means. This is completely recommendable though and it can lead to much fun!!!