Average game, great cutscenes, brilliantly funny original movie cast.

User Rating: 6.5 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
I must admit, this is one of the best games based on a movie given that usually such games are nothing more than crap.

I'll start with my biggest disappointment -- game installation. BEWARE to install the game in any other location BESIDES it's default c:\Program Files\. I ended up cleaning up my registry after reinstalling the game because I like mine to be in c:\Games. There's a "work around" posted on the official game site but I decided not to temp the game gods anymore.

The gameplay is pretty much point and shoot, levels are very linear and each block of missions ends up with a boss (hello early 90's games!), Having said that, the choice of weaponry and the way you use them are very unique. Even though the game itself maybe forgettable, dialogs and short movies are the best part thanks to the original Ghostbusters cast as well as well-written scenes and dialogs. I suspect an actual Hollywood movie writer. Brings back memories of the all-time classic.

Sound and graphics are very average. I want to comment specifically on graphics though. In one of the game reviews I was reading the game was delayed by whole 2 years due to some bureaucracy on the publisher's side. If the game was released on time (i.e. back in 2007), graphics wouldn't have looked so dated. We've had Crysis, Far Cry and STALKER The Clear Sky released since then that have upped graphic expectations quite a bit. And the game may have actually scored an 8 on my scale. Unfortunately, now I can only give it 6.5 -- it's slightly above average but mostly thanks to the original cast.