Ghostbusters is an overall alright game.

User Rating: 7 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
After playing/finishing Ghostbusters, I knew immediately how I was going to review this game. Ghostbusters is, ultimately, a game made to hit some nostalgia-notes for hardcore and/or past-fans. Otherwise, however, it's just kind of an 'ordinary' game.

And what I mean by that is that there's much to like about Ghostbusters, but there's also lots to nitpick. For one thing, I really liked the story and its pacing. Though some people disagree, I found the main characters rather charming. Every Ghostbuster squad-mate was accurately portrayed and decently voice-acted (by the same cast as the movie, no doubt). The graphics weren't too shabby either, and the cutscenes were beautifully done. And speaking of beautiful, that proton-stream really looked marvelous.

And I really want to emphasize that the beauty of Ghostbusters shone through two main departments: a) setting and b) writing. By setting, I'm referring to the game's inherent creepiness. There were many parts of the game that made me kind of 'jump'. The ambiance can definitely be surprisingly scary for a game that supposedly focuses on comedy. But I loved it, because it was so immersive.

And by writing, I'm referring to the script. The characters. The charm. The dialogue. Through there were -some- flat moments or awkward story-sequences, for the most part, it flowed quite nicely...and it was -funny-. Authentic comedy is something I can always appreciate.

Though Ghostbusters succeeded in certain departments, it really was a shame that it failed in one of the most crucial sectors....'gameplay'. Now, I was fortunate enough to read a user-review here (forgot who wrote it) that warned others to play the game on easy-mode. I -already know- that if it weren't for this kind soul, I'd probably be -hating- the game, because even on easy mode, I got a feel of how irritating 'normal' could've been. Talk about cheap deaths! In casual-easy mode, there was -one- sequence near the end of the game where I was dying over and over again because of cheap kills and awkward movement-controls. For the most part, Ghostbusters is pretty neat when it comes to sapping and trapping (though in normal, supposedly, they're much more annoying to weaken). But when it comes to movement, the awkward-heavy-gears-of-war choice was definitely not a good one. In short, I was really lucky to avoid playing this game on a more difficult setting. The game probably would've turned into something more like 'medic-busters'.

Ghostbusters will likely give you what you desire...if you're a Ghostbusters die-hard. For the rest of us, however, Ghostbusters stands as a 'hit or miss' kind of game. For me, the gameplay was just something I couldn't ignore. It had some real serious issues, and if it weren't for that easy-setting, I'm pretty sure I'd be so traumatized that I'd turn into an evil-ghost...and haunt the developers for putting me through what I had to endure!

-Review By antipunt1
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