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User Rating: 7 | Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC
The game was slated to be released in October 2008. However, the video game studio switched and Sony also decided that it would be best to wait to release the game until June to more closely coincide with the Ghostbusters 25th anniversary. Needless to say, it was frustrating after waiting six months, to have the game pushed back another 6 months.However, I got the game on June 12th, the date of its US release, and beat it in a week. Here is my review, and, keep in mind, I am highly biased.
The year is 1991 and after a new Gozer exhibit arrives at the Museum of Natural History, all havok breaks loose. You, as an equipment testing Ghostbusters recruit, are tasked with helping the guys with battling this latest threat to New York City and the world.The game itself was actually harder than I thought. The idea seemed so simple, initiate your proton stream, cause tons of property damage, snag the ghost and pull it into the trap. Easy, right? Wrong. It actually takes a bit of time to get used to capturing a ghost. You initially use the proton stream to wear the ghost out, then the capture stream is initiated to lasso the ghost. The tricky part is getting your ghost positioned in exactly the right place over the trap for it to open, and then holding the ghost there long enough for the trap to close. It is a bit difficult to figure out at first but, once you get the hang of it, there is no problem.As you progress through the game you get new weapons added to the proton pack, as well as valuable upgrades to the equipment, making it better and easier to meet mission objectives. My personal suggestion would be to upgrade all of the original proton pack items first and then upgrade the slime blower items next. This will be crucial in de-posessing people that have been possessed in the Museum levels.The game brings a lot of nostalgia with it. The first two missions visit some of the old locations and enemies from the first movie. You get to fight slimer in the Sedgewick Hotel ballroom and Mr. Stay Puft in times square. However, there are also a variety of well-designed and new ghosts for you to take on as well.There were some difficult parts later in the game, where you really had to think hard on a strategy in order to beat a certain enemy on your own or with only one other Ghostbuster to revive you. There were several times that I was defeated for 45 minutes straight before I could beat certain parts of levels. The hardest part was a level in a cemetary having to do with stone angels attacking you. I won't get into details on it but, trust me when I say you will be extremely frustrated with that portion of the game. Hint: Use the capture stream, not the slime tethers.The game itself isn't that long. I beat it in just over a week.The graphics in the game are absolutely incredible. The environments are highly detailed and really allow you to dully interact with them. The pre-rendered cut scenes are at a higher quality than in-game cut-scenes but, this doesn't really bother me too much. There were some lip-sync issues in some of the pre-rendered cut scenes but, again, I only found this midly irritating.The only difficulty I had was that the environments were so complex that at times my gameplay was choppy. Now, my video card isn't top-of-the-line but, is still pretty good, and couldn't handle some of the more complx scenes without some lag.The proton streams are really well done and truly make you feel like you are a Ghostbuster. The other Ghostbusters bear a close resemblence to the way that the real actors looked in the original 2 movies. The fact that the script and voice acting were done by the original actors and writers helped a lot as well.Ghostbusters: The Video Game is an excellent gaming experience. Despite some technical flaws and some difficult objectives, the game really stays true to the Ghostbusters franchise and characters. It is a visual treat and also brings back a lot of memories. The best part is, it brings the awesomeness that is Ghostbusters to the current generation of gamers and movie-goers. I'd highly recommend it.