Don't waste your time or money on time

User Rating: 5 | Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime X360
Well, after playing Ghost Busters (2009) - the Sanctum of Slime game that was released recently was an absolute disappointment. Maybe on a positive note, it's nice to see that the franchise has expanded and it has got new recruits for the story but the actual game is terrible.

It looks like a game that should've been developed in the late 90s. Bad controls, bad graphics and poor audio. The boring comic book intro was too long and made me wonder was it really needed?!

I think the game was probably intended for a young crowd as the weapons you choose are based on the colour of the ghost. SO red ghosts require the red weapon, whatever that was. I was getting knocked down so much and my AI teammates were getting screwed so much too that they couldn't revive me. So the game is hard to grasp at first. It may be fun if you're playing with others but only if you're really desperate this piece of wasted software.

I suggest trying out the game. But let me say, a 250MB game is probably going to be crap unless it's methodogies are simple and fun - kinda like Plants Vs Zombies! Now that game rocked for it's size.