A highly addictive game that offers you enjoyable moments being a ORS.

User Rating: 7.5 | Ghost Squad WII
First of all this review is considering this game with the Wii Zapper´s, with out it this game become really a loose of money.

-It´s an addictive game that simulates really good the atmosphere of the 3 missions.
-The graphics are good, not excellent but in their own game stile they are still well worked.
-Lots of unlock ables give this game a decent replay value.
-The Co-op mode is over almost all the game and it´s offers a challenging competition with friends.
-Challenging difficulty levels.
-Many different ways, you can pass the game 10 times and you will continue finding new paths or ways.

-One of the shortest games ever, it´s only have 3 missions!
-Playing without the Wii Zapper is not as realistic and funny.
-No on line playing, only global records saving.

If you have a Wii Zapper and you see this game cheap buy it, you´ll like it is not bad, is a really good enjoyable game, if you can balance is short length with a discount of money or buying it used, do it.