Shortest, and probably the most boring Wii game ever. Though the bonus modes such as ninja and beach girls made me laugh

User Rating: 4 | Ghost Squad WII
This game is without a doubt the worst wii game i have ever played. This on-rail shooter is one of the most bland, bleak and boring games of all time.

Gameplay - Ghost Squad takes advantage of the Wii Remote's pointer functionality, the nunchuk and the Wii Zapper giving players controller flexibility. In addition, the game features a pointer calibration mode, enabling players to use line-of-sight aiming and fire precisely where the Wii Remote is pointed. Should player feel their calibration is precise, they can turn off the on-screen pointer for more points. The typical on-rail style shooting system is still there.

Exclusive to the Wii conversion of the game are four-player support, and an online high score leaderboard support via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

But these are about the only, yet very few good things about this classic arcade game port. The dialogue is as bad as it gets. The same officer commanding you what to do throughout all THREE, yes I said it, THREE missions. The monotone voice, the 1 second delay between mouth movements and speech. Its all very frustrating, you could probably complete this game without any sound or subtitles at all as there is no need for them.

Graphics - As mentioned before, bleak, bland, un-exiting. This game is about as close you can get to 'only just classifies as wii graphics'. Almost every enemy looks the same, all the envioronments are very similar and plain. It lacks any kind of rich detail and fails to deliver.

Sound - Bang bang, click click. it all sounds like any normal shooting game of course, besides the lame dialogue as mentioned the sound is pretty much intact, during the beach party mode were your enemies are girls in bikinis, its quite funny and pleasurable to hear them squeal strangely sexual noises.

Replay Value - Because of the 2 added party modes and the new suit unlocks, you may want to play through it a few times to check out the new content, but not because you want to. about the only exiting new costume is the panda suit as its funny to see your character fighting a load of bad guys as a funny fat panda. And seeing as my fastest time completing this game is 15 minutes, even if you do replay it it won't be for long.

Score Breakdown:
Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 3
Sound - 6
Replay Value - 3
Overall - 4