great game-play, but nothing else

User Rating: 7.5 | Ghost Squad WII
this is a direct port, that's it. that is this game's greatest strength, and its greatest weakness.

Game-play is a ton of fun, you really get the feel that you a super awesome solider who can't be stopped. although you will curse the civilians who literally jump in front of the enemy just so you can shoot them, then your commander yells at you for their deaths (even is you only hit their finger) but worse yet you die too often due to the fact that there's just not enough health packs. also when you die there is not penalty what so ever, you actually get auto-fire as a bonus! making "death" a good thing. the game altogether lasts a sad 30 minutes, but there are tons of unlock-able guns and costumes to keep you playing.
still if you've played the arcade version there is nothing new at all, which is sad cause with another 2 or 3 missions this would have been a much better game.
the graphics are dated but satisfactory enough to get by, same with the story, cause THERE IS NONE, the missions are all stand alone with stander 'rescue the president' and such.
as for sound, all I can say is that its pretty good (though voice acting is hilariously cheesy... which is good)

overall this is a good game, for sayyyyy $20-$30