Ghost Squad might have some of the most brilliant appeals of light-gun shooters, but only for three levels.

User Rating: 7 | Ghost Squad WII
Good: Easily captures the charm of Arcade shooters back at your house, level design is good enough for multiple playthroughs.

Bad: Three levels? That's Insane!

Yeah, the game has only three levels. We all get the point. And I have to admit: I'm disappointed. But not because the game is bad. Inf act, that's far from the truth. The game is actually good enough to make sure that your redos through levels are actually different each time. With different branches per level, you have more access around the level than most shooters give you.

What's even better is that the missions are all quite varied. In one mission, I was slowly sniping dudes out of a guard tower, while in another, I was on a speed boat throwing grenades at what was probably a boat stolen from the US Navy. While the missions provide a bunch of variety and good ideas, I think I know why they didn't make any other missions: They ran out of Ideas. Personaly, I think that if they had a bunch of missions with one or two cool events in it that you did for a while, the game would deserve an 8.5, if not more. But this isn't Infinity Ward that's developing the game: It's AM7.

Nontheless, the game's true gain is the multiplayer: Getting a headshot on the President's kidnapper with four players is ridiculous: It's a combo of yelling at the person who shot the president, and giving a high-five to the person who did the right thing.

Of course, the game has just one more problem: Story. The story is full of cliches and has such bad one-liners and portrayal of civillians that you could imagine the storyboard director looking at his fourth-grade drawings and basing the story off of that.

Nontheless, the game manages to use the light-gun genre to its strengths: Action sequences, more than just shooting dudes, and of course, crazy weapons.