If Ghost Squad had a solid story to it and took longer to complete it wouldn't be half as bad!

User Rating: 5.5 | Ghost Squad WII
Ghost Squad is a Wii port of the popular arcade shooter of the same name, that ultimately could have had a lot of potential, instead the developers haven't put any extra thought or effort into the game.

There are only 3 levels in the complete game of Ghost Squad, all of which can be completed easily in around 20 minutes, the only real good thing about the game is the multi-player, for someone to play this game for the first time it does seem pretty cool, but once you've played through the game once there isn't really much more to it. There are a couple of extra un lockable modes, but as these are just features added into the game, the actual length of time it takes to complete is no longer, making game play slightly more amusing, but still extremely repetitive.

You can unlock new guns, but unfortunately you don't really need these to progress in the game, which makes their existence rather pointless.

The graphics aren't too bad, but that's not to say they are good either, there is definitely room for improvement as the Wii console is easily capable of better.

There are some positive points in the game play, there are a couple of times where you get the opportunity to snipe some enemies down and every now and again players will have to melee opponents, while this is good having something different added into the typical blast everything in sight game play it still isn't enough to recommend buying it to anyone.