What it lacks in gaming, it makes up with lot's o' weapons!

User Rating: 6 | Ghost Squad WII
Ghost Squad is a light-gun-shoot em' up game developed by Sega, based on the infamous arcade game of the same name. GS is a game where you and a friend go on three different missions to stop terrorist situations, with the option of a different sub-mission you can earn as you level up. The game is very entertaining, with lots of fun alternatives for an objective, but also has many quirks that don't make it the best.

Ghost Squad has only 3 levels; no extra levels to make the game seem special, no bonus bosses, nothing new, NOTHING! And it only has one mini-game: target practice. HOW ORIGINAL. Despite having a partner with you even when there isn't a second player, you're apparently the only on shooting.

Of course, Ghost Squad has some nice features. New to the Wii are different costumes to wear as you gain more experience. Though the costumes give no extras in combat, it's still funny watching a cutscene where a man in a panda bear suit snap a man's neck. Also, you get tons of weapons to unlock, including a dot-sight SOCOM, a semi-auto shotgun, and a load of snipers and auto pistols (havn't unlocked it yet, but I think I saw the silhouette of a Mini-Uzi).

Also, new to this edition of GS, there is a "Party Made", where up to four people can join at any time. There is also a Ninja style of gameplay where you're dressed as a ninja, have infinite ammo ninja shuriken (throwing disks), all enimies are ninja and BC styled japenese ninjas, grenades become riceballs, and I forget what the knives become. All bats become giant toads, and helicopters become giant toads with butterfly wings strapped on their back. In the paradise style, you have your regular look, but you use a water gun, which has low accuracy. All enemies become women in bikinis and bras, knives and grenades become bannanas, and all boats and (i forget)helicopters are "Tunnel of Love" Swans.

You may want to rent this for a week or two to decide if it's for keeps, but Ghost Squad is a great game for people who feel like saving the president! Especially people who want to save him twice, then saving a some random guy who isn't a politic or anything at all!